Forged parts in France

Forged parts in France
Forged parts in France ! Schraner Metals designs, manufactures and offers state of the art forging solutions for all your parts and industrial projects with the highest quality standards and requirements. We operate in hot forming thanks to our expertise in precision die-forging of all metals like steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, titanium and all forgeable alloys. We manufacture all type of forged parts. We can deliver samples of forged parts within very short lead times thanks to our forging facilities and hydraulic hammers.


Forged parts in France at 004155 617 21 




Die-forging benefits !
There are a lot of reasons why you should use die-forging and its benefits. First, metal properties are a combination of fatigue strenght, corrosion resistance, wear and elasticity. Then, raw material savings are important, there is an excellent ratio between part weight and mechanical strenght. Hence, you will benefit from cost reductions in machining. For each forged part, you will have the benefit of weight saving, better corrosion resistance, better matter uniformity and excellent reliability.


Forged parts in France: For who ?
We manufacture forged parts for:
-Forged parts for tooling
-Forged parts for the Transport industry
-Forged parts for Aeronautics
-Forged parts for Textile machinery
-Forged parts for Medical devices
-Forged parts for Closing mechanisms
-Forged parts for the Automotive industry
-Forged parts for engines
There are a lot of industrial sectors requiring precision forgings: the Automotive industry represents 70% of the market worldwide, then Aeronautics, Medical devices, railway, pumps, weaponery.


Forged parts in France at 004155 617 21 




Forged parts in France : In conclusion !
With die-forging, you will find the best manufacturing process for a wide range of industrial applications. Your forged parts will have outstanding mechanical properties and fatigue strenght. Our clients order forged parts in Schraner Metals since 1887. Follow them and send us a request for forged parts. Ask us for a quotation with our die-forging facility by using the contact form or by phone at 0041 55 617 21 00. Our last orders: forged parts in Paris, forged parts in Lyon, forged parts in Toulouse, forged parts in Marseille, forged parts in Nantes, forged parts in Reims, forged parts in Metz, forged parts in Strasbourg, forged parts in Brest, forged parts in Montpellier, Villeurbanne, Nice, Bourg-en-Bresse ou Annecy.


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