Die-forging in Switzerland

Die-forging in Switzerland

Die-forging in Switzerland! Schraner Metals offers his expertise and know-how in precision die-forging. Our parts have an outstanding resistance to pressure, we achieve very narrow tolerances (+/-0,1mm), we perform important raw material cost savings with 20% less raw material used, outstanding mechanical strenght, high-end quality, best quality/price ratio, lower tooling costs compared to other technologies and a high precision in parts deformation.


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Die-forging in Switzerland: All forgeable metals and all parts with the highest standards.
Schraner Metals forges steels, stainless steels, titanium, aluminium, copper, brass and all forgeable alloys. We achieve the narrowest tolerances of standard EN 10243. Die-forging is plastic deformation of metal parts after heating. Die-forging requires tools called dies. There is 2: the upper and lower die. These dies are machined in their center with the final shape of the part to be manufactured. A forged part has outstanding mechanical properties after forging. Die-forging achieves a better part structure by orienting raw material fiber structure which gives very high fatigue strenght. With die-forging, part is formed by closure of the dies. Final shape of your forged part depends on the machined dies. Die-forging directs raw material fibers to reduce breakage risks and improve the safety of your parts.


Die-forging in Switzerland: Our certifications for all countries!
We develop all our tooling internally in Switzerland. Feel free to contact us to manufacture a first serie of your parts.
Die-forging ISO 9001 DE
Die-forging ISO 9001 FR
Die-forging ISO 9001 EN


Die-forcing in Switzerland at 055 617 21 



Die-forging in Switzerland: our clients are in Switzerland and in each region !
 Ask us for a quotation with our die-forging facility by using the contact form or by calling at 055 617 21 00. Our last orders: die-forging in Geneva, die-forging in Versoix, die-forging in Nyon, die-forging in Lausanne, die-forging in Neuchâtel, die-forging in La Chaux-de-Fonds, die-forging in Fribourg, die-forging in Sion, die-forging in Delémont, die-forging in Berne, Porrentruy, Bulle, Sierre, Martigny, Vevey, Montreux, Yverdon-les-Bains.


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